WTF Redefined

May 16th, 2009

wtfcoverCREATIVEMIX speaker, and Vancouver’s very own, David duChemin has released his first book and let’s just say that WTF is an appropriate response to its success. Yeah - the shortname ranks high on the provocative list but that’s not what’s getting everyone’s attention. Within the Frame: A Journey of Photographic Vision is a powerful book that has a lot to say about the how-to of photography which is only the beginning. David has delivered an epic book that goes deep into the why. He inspires the pro (and the not-s0-pro) to find and express their vision photographically, specifically where people, places, and culture are concerned. PeachPit released the book just a couple weeks ago and the response has tripped the WTF radar when it comes to sales. Though still in the infancy stage of landing on shelves online sales at are through the roof.

The popularity of David’s blog PixelatedImage and his fast-growing Twitter community has propelled staggering feedback and book sales.  Follow him for just a few days and you’ll see that he’s clearly an exceptional writer, skilled communicator, lover of the craft, and coach for all kinds of “creatives”.

WTF is striking a chord in amateur and professional photographers alike and is connecting with people in a way that is setting itself up as a must-read for anyone who has ever looked through the lens of a camera. So, the skinny is: it’s a damn good book and David’s casual, impassioned voice comes through whether he’s talking about shutter speed or having tea in Cairo. You’ll want to buy a couple books, one to keep and one to give as a gift. Seriously.

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