And Then There Were Two Tweeters

August 13th, 2010

The conference is coming together fast and furious! It’s less than three months away! We’re just a few days away from finally being able to announce our speaking team – yahoo!!! You’re going to LOVE the line-up! We’re still accepting creativeEXHIBITION proposal submissions (until Sept.17). We’ve got other groovy news about sponsors and partners coming up too. One thing that happened awhile back has gone unannounced has been the addition of Destin Fall Haynes to our social marketing team! My bad.

Last year we tried Facebook advertising and we quickly abandoned it as it just seemed to pushy and desperate. In stark contrast, we really enjoyed the organic, and supportive nature, of our Twitter feed @CREATIVEMIXca. What I mean by supportive is that through the cunning use of RTs and ‘follows’ we were able to help other creative people, projects, and events spread the word about what THEY were doing. Besides – it’s just plain ‘ol fun! That felt like a much better way to meet the needs of Vancouver creatives while at the same time giving people a chance to check-out what we’re doing. In preparation for this year’s conference I wanted to continue that trend of helping other local creatives but I knew I needed help; enter Destin:

Destin is a lover of the written word and a social media aficionado.  By day she contributes her communications skills and pr savvy to the non-profit world – helping to make the world a better place one tweet, post and like at a time.  While comfortable using 140 characters or less she can also be found conversing and sharing her thoughts in formats permitting higher character values – like on her blog, I do, Vancouver .  Although she revels in conversation in the online realm she would rather meet you face to face over a cup of coffee or a pint of dark beer – preferably locally made!

Together, Destin and I Follow, RT, DM, @Reply on @creativemixCA. We’re likeminded creatives and I’m thrilled to have her on our team.

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