You’re going to love this! The last session ends at 4:15pm on Thursday, Nov.3 but that is not the end of things, it simply signals the begining one of the best after-parties ever! Okay, okay, I know it’s stupidly early for an after party but you’ll just have to deal with it. At least it will be dark outside.

The MIX Lounge stage will feature a cut-down version of Maria in the Shower – a folk cabaret band that brings groovy accordian, trumpet, guitar, and upright bass sounds together into an eclectic vibe that will make for an unbelieveable experience. I’ve seen them perform and they oooze culture and atmosphere. The Think & Drink reception is always a highlight for Eileen and I; not because the event is almost done or because at the end of a long day we want to drink beer (well….), it’s just freakin’ awesome to connect with everyone. The mingling and networking that takes place throughout the day is great but the Think & Drink is when ideas and collaborations really seem to really flow.

I hope to see you there! Well, you have to buy a conference pass to get in. So do that first, THEN I’ll see you there.

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