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We’re preparing for the third annual CREATIVEMIX and I can say that, without a doubt, November 3rd will be the best conference yet!

I really can’t believe we’re in our third year – that’s a big deal as far as I’m concerned. It speaks to the passion we have in this beautiful city for idea-making and idea-sharing. It’s an amazing thing to see artists and creative workers pursue professional development outside of their craft and industry. The idea that creativity and collaboration bring us together, and that we can learn from each other, is a very special thing.

With the Call for Submissions going public today it very much feels like the official kick-off but this Fall’s event has been in the works for months and our team is starting to get really excited!

First off, for those that are eager to hear about our speaker line-up… our eight keynote presenters will be announced later this month. Why the wait you ask? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: we only invite one speaker per industry and it’s a very collaborative process; oh, and we’re very picky – and we don’t rush it. We’re close to finalizing our roster so sit tight. If you’ve attended before you know that I’m not blowing smoke – we deliver, or should I say, our speakers deliver. Moving on.

Secondly, I want to highlight a very important change to CREATIVEMIX – it’s one that you probably won’t notice but it’s made a huge difference to those of us involved. The team behind the conference is the same but with one very special difference – the event is now proudly produced through the innovative and dynamic theatre company Boca del Lupo. Eileen Rothe and I are still the producers but we now work even more closely with Jay Dodge, Sherry J. Yoon, Carey Dodge, and Kenji Maeda. We’re honoured to have such a deep connection to such an amazing group of talented, passionate, and hardworking people.

Thirdly, we’re taking another big step in the effort to make this a very eco-friendly event. As you may already know – we don’t use name badges or have schwag bags, printed tickets, or have a program guide or use single-serving/plastic anything. We serve local, organic food (and beverages) and we don’t make event apparel or put our logo on stuff. And for this year’s conference – we’re not even making posters. No printing. None at all. Our promotional campaign will be 100% digital. We’ve got some groovy stuff in the works which you’ll see in a couple weeks or so. So, if you dig this – then be a pal, and share CREATIVEMIX with your social networks and you’ll be helping to say “NO” to event-crap.

Be creative!

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