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September 3rd, 2010

Our promotional partner Sayvee has kicked off a cool contest! Here’s a chance to channel those negative marketing thoughts, which we all have (kind of like I did with my promo fail post). The object is to create a video under 1 minute in length about a marketing fail of some kind. This can be a true story or a fictional / ridiculous idea. Videos can be in any style you want. (Examples: comic, drawing, you in front of a camera, re-enactments etc.). Be creative. It turns out I’m a judge so don’t hold back – I love the wacky stuff.

The prizes are:
1st ($1100 – priceless value)
* iPad
* Website with domain name, hosting, and 1 year membership (Sayvee)
* A personalized “thank-you, you’re awesome” video posted on Youtube which includes an object of your choosing to be thrown at the guys from Sayvee and (be kind please, no permanent damage desired)

2nd ($300 value)
* iPod Touch

3rd ($110 value)
* 1 ticket to CREATIVEMIX-Vancouver’s Ideation Conference
* a ride in a 2011 Scion xB to and from the event (airport kinda thing)

Top 3 most “LIKED” videos will be brought before judges on Oct. 29 @ 9am PST based on creativity and humor. Winner will be announced on Nov. 1, 2010 @ 11:11am PST. Open to anyone in Canada & USA. No porn or really foul language please.

View all entries on their Facebook Page / Upload your video. All the submission details are on

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  1. Nico Boesten says:

    Stoked to have you as a judge Corwin. Should be a good one.

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