Ethical Choice for your Coffee App

July 22nd, 2010

If you’ve got iPhone then you’ve probably got a lot of apps – but what about one for your coffee?

Well, how about this for a little creative story-telling (and a clever marketing tool)! Our friends at Ethical Bean Coffee have gone hi-Tech when it comes to their packaging. Ethical Bean Coffee latest coffee packaging and design is absolutely unbelievable! Each bag of coffee is equipped with its own unique 2D barcode which can be scanned using a free Ethical Bean iPhone app or entered manually on their website.

This crazy-cool feature gives us the opportunity to watch interviews with farmers, look up cupping notes and roast profiles, and Google Map each bag’s beans down to the exact field they were grown in, all from the grocery aisle. Awesome!

In a market that is flooded with ‘fair-trade-washing’ I really like this idea because it shows a whole new level of transparency and it provides me with an interesting story about the beverage I take nearly as seriously as communion (multiple times a day to… don’t read into that to much).

I know what you’re thinking, that it’s over the top. Well, hold on there techno-bum, we’re already label-conscious, why not be source-conscious? And why not make it as easy as possible? I get it, and I like it.

Wanna go for coffee? There’s an app for that.

Want their segment on GlobalBC:

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  1. Ashley says:

    That’s a cool idea but I don’t know if I’d want to be standing in the grocery aisle, watching videos about the coffee I’m buying. I’d probably use it if they just had the info about the different types of coffee in the app, but you could read/watch it anywhere.

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