Have you “bean” ?

How’s this for a groovy giveaway! The next eight people who register for get a free 340g bag of freshly roasted organic/fairtrade Ethical Bean coffee. The MIX Lounge is anchored by this amazing Vancouver-based roasting company and not only do they serve up great coffee (by donation) throughout the day but they have those crazy yummy mini-donuts! Ah ya! Ready, set, sign-up!

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You’re going to love this! The last session ends at 4:15pm on Thursday, Nov.3 but that is not the end of things, it simply signals the begining one of the best after-parties ever! Okay, okay, I know it’s stupidly early for an after party but you’ll just have to deal with it. At least it will be dark outside.

The MIX Lounge stage will feature a cut-down version of Maria in the Shower – a folk cabaret band that brings groovy accordian, trumpet, guitar, and upright bass sounds together into an eclectic vibe that will make for an unbelieveable experience. I’ve seen them perform and they oooze culture and atmosphere. The Think & Drink reception is always a highlight for Eileen and I; not because the event is almost done or because at the end of a long day we want to drink beer (well….), it’s just freakin’ awesome to connect with everyone. The mingling and networking that takes place throughout the day is great but the Think & Drink is when ideas and collaborations really seem to really flow.

I hope to see you there! Well, you have to buy a conference pass to get in. So do that …

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Giveaway! The Accidental Creative

Warning – this is a *shameless promotional stunt – but I think you’ll really like it. Leave a comment on this blog post and you’ll be entered into a draw for a complimentary copy of Todd Henry’s new book The Accidental Creative.

But it’s not that easy. Your comment must include a tip, or a suggestion, about how to keep yourself awake and alert while staying up late to work on a project. You know… tips like, “I smack my forehead with a ruler every 9-minutes” or “I do push-ups but lick the carpet every third one”… or maybe something less violent or disgusting. Whatever you do to burn the midnight oil we want to hear about it

This book is ideal for a wide range of people. Seriously. That being said, creative professionals and artists alike will benefit that much more. Being creative on-demand is no simple task, Todd Henry makes creative work easier and that’s a huge relief. It’s a very well-written book. His insights and action steps are like a guiding force, or should I say a “secret weapon”, for those of us who have to be inspired and productive. It’s an extremely thorough book and

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Straight Shooters

I don’t know how to put this… but… they’re kind of a big deal.

Everyone in Vancouver knows that Thursday is when the Georgia Straight comes out. It’s a staple in coffee shops and offices, it’s the go-to rag for left-leaning rants, arts reviews, who’s hot, and the goods on music, events, and other local on-goings. The cover of the latest issue features chef David Robertson (Dirty Apron Cooking School) and it suddenly struck me… in the last few months three CREATIVEMIX alumnists (keynote speakers from either our 2009 or 2010 conferences) have be on the cover of The Straight! Steven Cox (Cause+Affect) and Dan Mangan (New Album – Oh Fortune) make up the rest of this cover boy trio.

I think that’s pretty damn cool.

I don’t really have a point here. I simply wanted to mention that our keynote speakers, both past and present, are top-dogs in Vancouver and we’re very proud, and honoured to have such a great roster of local talent who are willing to share their insights on creativity and collaboration. Each year our speaking team delivers the goods and I’m really excited about this upcoming conference! I hope you are too!

Hey – I …

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Call for Volunteers

Image by Jeremy Lim.

Interested in volunteering at this year’s CREATIVEMIX? If you’d like to join our event team simply complete the online volunteer sign-up form: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YVVD8CZ

There is a LOT going on at this event and we need a crew of volunteers that are ready to be busy but also have a great time. We believe that volunteering should be fun! As a “thank-you” we will provide you with a complimentary conference pass so that you can enjoy the event too! And don’t worry, we’ll provide you with yummy food and refreshments.

Our volunteer roles are broken out into 4-hour shifts, most of which are from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm; we’re happy to do what we can to work with your schedule. Volunteer positions will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.

Thanks again for considering being involved in!

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Get with the Program

The venue for this year’s conference is…. drum roll please… the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre! Bet you didn’t see that coming! CREATIVEMIX and the Roundhouse are a perfect fit and we’re thrilled to have the continued support of the Roundhouse and The City of Vancouver.

Our partnership with the Roundhouse is featured on Page 19 of their current program guide – if you didn’t get one in the mail you can check it out online.

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Image by Jeremy Lim.

We’re preparing for the third annual CREATIVEMIX and I can say that, without a doubt, November 3rd will be the best conference yet!

I really can’t believe we’re in our third year – that’s a big deal as far as I’m concerned. It speaks to the passion we have in this beautiful city for idea-making and idea-sharing. It’s an amazing thing to see artists and creative workers pursue professional development outside of their craft and industry. The idea that creativity and collaboration bring us together, and that we can learn from each other, is a very special thing.

With the Call for Submissions going public today it very much feels like the official kick-off but this Fall’s event has been in the works for months and our team is starting to get really excited!

First off, for those that are eager to hear about our speaker line-up… our eight keynote presenters will be announced later this month. Why the wait you ask? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: we only invite one speaker per industry and it’s a very collaborative process; oh, and we’re very picky – and we don’t rush it. We’re …

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Save the Date

Image by Jeremy Lim.

Oh man! We’re so freakin’ excited! November 3, 2011 is the day that creativity and collaboration collide in Vancouver in the name of helping creative people gain the inspiration and insights they need to thrive as artists and services providers. This is a cross-industry, non-profit-meets-business-sector mash-up that is unparalleled in Vancouver. It’s a professional development day and a creative showcase like no other.

Back for its third year, CREATIVEMIX will be held at the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre in Yaletown and it’s going to be bigger-n-better than ever! The team behind the conference is the same but with one very special difference – the event is now proudly produced through the innovative and dynamic theatre company Boca del Lupo.

There’s a TON of info to come, including the Open Call for Submissions to have your creative project or business featured in the CREATIVE EXHIBITION and the speaker roster of course! Be sure to follow the updates on the blog, on Twitter, or Facebook.

And because it’s fun… I did want to mention something that made us smile: Anoop Aulakh (Co-Founder of QuikPiq.com, Advisor at SIFE Simon Fraser, and a cool social entrepreneur guy) had this …

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Promote the Process

We took in the IDEA Grad Show last night and all I can say is WOW! Each and every time we connect with that crazy group from the North Shore I’m inspired and amazed; they’re likeminded folks for sure.

The depth of creativity that IDEA graduates bring to the table is exceptional and the diversity amoung the group is really something special. What stood out to us this year was how eloquent the new grads were. They spoke about their lives, their work, and most importantly their process and they left us with a deeper impression of who they are and what they offer the market far more than any promotional effort could ever pull off.

That’s where the rubber hits the road as far as I’m concerned: talk about the process I always say (well, I’m saying it now anyway).

When artists and creatives want to market themselves they often make the fatal error of either 1. hiding in a closet (believing their work will speak for itself) or 2. they talk about the end result and how awesome it is (a noisy and desperate plea). The “true” artist and the shameless self-promoter are not all that effective at trying …

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Register for April 30th Workshops

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback! The program has been set and Emotus Operandi has opened registration for the April 30th workshop event Connect, Learn, Grow! You can register on their Evenbrite registration page.

It’s happening at The Hub meeting space (on Granville Island – above Sammy J. Pepper’s) and it’s going to be a great day of connecting and learning together. The sessions are specifically designed to help you, and your creative project, grow and thrive. Each workshop is 75-minutes and they’re only $20 each (discounts apply to 3+ workshops). Here’s the what’s on the program:

1. Action + Planning. To get something done, you need a plan. But sometimes the plan becomes the biggest obstacle to actually getting things done? This session provides tools for balancing big picture vision with concrete, on- the-ground action to make real progress towards important goals. Learn how to create an action plan to keep you motivated and performing.

2. Karma, Love and Money. Freelancers often have trouble putting a price on what they do. This workshop blends concrete tools (setting an hourly rate, price ceilings and floors) with some high-level concepts (value, calling, balance) and provides an opportunity to do …

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