That’s a Wrap!

November 7th, 2011

Images by Jeremy Lim

Wow! That was fun! The 2011 conference was an smash hit! Check-out Jeremy Lim’s Flickr set to get a feel for what took place and who was mixing it up! I’ve posted my opening remarks on

This event would not have happened without the leadership and support of the following people:

  • Eileen Rothe (super duper Co-Producer extraordinaire)
  • Boca del Lupo (Presenting partners who are to cool for school: Jay Dodge, Sherry Yoon, Carey Dodge, Kent Gallie, Craig Laven)
  • The Roundhouse (Marie Lopes, Matt Frankish, and “The Crew” – not a rap group)
  • Stephanie Kirby (the masterful event planner, make-things-happen-girl)
  • Destin Fall Haynes (making the deep-end look like a walk in the park)
  • All our volunteers! Oh man! What would we have done without you!
  • Jeremy Lim (memory maker and fabulous picture taker)
  • Michelle Sexton (Ethical Bean‘s coffee ambassador and bringer of ‘the good stuff’ – no, not that kind)
  • Bruno Gerves (Firefly Wines & Ales for the good, GOOD stuff – yep, that kind)
  • Kyle N. (Savoury Chef Foods – yum yummies – and all that!)
  • Crissy Arseneau (bringin’ the Opus Art Supply action for exhibitor Jose Rivas)
  • Jasper Sloan Yip (Mr. music has got the skills yo!)
  • Maria in the Shower (groovy tunes made that beer go fast)

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A Quickie (update that is)

October 31st, 2011

Well – it’s finally here! CREATIVEMIX is happening this week! There’s just a few spots left so grab your conference pass before it’s too late. Speaking of the 11th hour… here’s a quick update for you:

Jeff Harrison has hog-tied Ian Grais and shipped him to Mexico in a barrel full of Skittles candy. He’s claimed the Rethink (Agency) spot on the roster and is the lead-off keynote presenter at CREATIVEMIX 2011. His clients have included Solo Mobile, Dose, The Canadian Press, Coast Capital Savings, The Contemporary Art Gallery, Bootlegger, Opus Hotel and Alliance Atlantis. Jeff’s work in print, identity, packaging and branded retail environments has been featured internationally in design periodicals and award shows such as Communication Arts, AR100, London International Awards, Ad and Design Club, Applied Arts, New York Festivals, Print Magazine, How Magazine, I.D., Creativity, Graphis and The One Show. In 2009 he was nominated for a Grammy award.

By the way – The Grow Project has been added to the CREATIVE EX. This public art project situated on the periphery of the Olympic Village in South East False Creek, Vancouver. Presented by Other Sights – a non-profit society dedicated to challenging perceptions, encouraging discourse and promoting individual perspectives about shared social spaces.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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Detail is Key with Calgary Roof Repair

October 28th, 2011

Home Ownership means dealing with any issues as they arise. Hiring professionals is important to get the job done right, and this is particularly true with calgary roof repair. There are certain aspects of roofing that lend to repairs being needed. For those situations, it is a good idea to call in professionals to make sure the job is done right.

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Professionals can arrive to see the area where the leak is occurring, evaluate the different approaches that can be used and make sure that the calgary roof repair is handled in such a way that you won't have to revisit the problem next season.

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Roof repair is about seeing the overall picture, helping the home owner to utilize the best methods to stop a current leak and prevent future leaks at the same time. Hiring professionals makes it more likely that you won't be spending more money on roof repair in the near future. Hiring someone that says they know what to do has equal chance of being successful and only leading to a greater cost when the job is not done correctly or leads to further damage to the roof or home.

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Press Release

October 20th, 2011

Artists and Creative Workers Gather for a Professional Development Mash-up

(Vancouver, BC) – Vancouver’s leading creatives agree that industry inbreeding is so very old-school (in a bad way). Success as an artist or creative professional requires a diverse skill set and a broad network. Enter CREATIVEMIX – Vancouver’s only annual ideation conference. Thursday November 3rd Vancouver-based idea makers, movers, and shakers will gather to share their experience and explore the common thread of creativity and collaboration. The heavy-hitting lineup of 8 keynote speakers includes actor and writer Hiro Kanagawa (story editor on the acclaimed CBC dramas Da Vinci’s Inquest, Da Vinci’s City Hall, and Intelligence and currently works for the gritty rez drama Blackstone) who will be presenting a keynote message titled: Terminal City on the Trans-Cyberian: Why and How Vancouver can be a Global Hub for Transmedia Production.

This conference, in its third year, is no longer Vancouver’s best-kept secret. CREATIVEMIX has earned its mark as the breeding ground for creative innovation, education, and interdisciplinary networking. Other conference presenters include TJ Galda, Senior CG Supervisor (Electronic Arts Canada) who’s personal credits include work on feature films like Shark Tale, Kung Fu Panda, and Fantastic Four; as well as, Ian Grais (ReThink Canada) whose art direction is ranked #1 in Canada ten years running.

Other keynote sessions include talks from Bruce Haden (architect), Graeme Berglund (co-founder of The Cheaper Show), Dave Delnea (photographer), Dr. Ben Kadel (social physiologist), and Mara Gottler (costume design). “Too many creative people are isolated in their work, either in their craft or industry” says CREATIVEMIX co-producer Corwin Hiebert “It’s our ability and willingness to be creative within the context community that will elevate our work to a place where it can get noticed and make a difference”.

The big buzz around the conference is the CREATIVEX: a free showcase featuring displays of ideas, projects and collaborations from a diverse array of disciplines. Open to the general public, the exhibit will feature works from various artists including the next generation of creative leaders from Capilano University’s IDEA program, Langara College, and VanArts. Fine artist Jose Rivas will be in-action as he produces in real-time an interactive painting installation (in partnership with Opus Art Supplies).

Anchored by a pop-up Ethical Bean Coffee shop and a performance stage, the MIXLounge is at the centre of it all; live music performances are by indie-folk rocker Jasper Sloan Yip and the eclectic sounds of Maria in the Shower. This networking venue is a great place to connect with likeminded creatives.

CREATIVEMIX is a one-day Ideation Conference held on Thursday, November 3rd 9am to 6 pm in Yaletown’s Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre. The cost to register is $99 and includes lunch and refreshments, passes to attend the keynote sessions, workshops, as well as the “Think & Drink” post-event networking event. CREATIVEX, the creative exhibition is free and open to the general public from 9:00-4:00 pm. The conference is co-presented by Corwin Hiebert and Eileen Rothe (Red Wagon Management) and Boca del Lupo. For more information, visit

Media Want to Attend? Got Questions?
Co-Producer: Corwin Hiebert
Cell: 604-803-2019
Office: 604.569.6544

Download PDF: CREATIVEMIX 2011 Press Release

Benefits of Superior Services in Calgary

October 19th, 2011


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Benefits of interior design

Increase the market value of the property

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Improves the aesthetic appeal

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Highly affordable and sustainable results

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October 19th, 2011

You’re going to love this! The last session ends at 4:15pm on Thursday, Nov.3 but that is not the end of things, it simply signals the begining one of the best after-parties ever! Okay, okay, I know it’s stupidly early for an after party but you’ll just have to deal with it. At least it will be dark outside.

The MIX Lounge stage will feature a cut-down version of Maria in the Shower – a folk cabaret band that brings groovy accordian, trumpet, guitar, and upright bass sounds together into an eclectic vibe that will make for an unbelieveable experience. I’ve seen them perform and they oooze culture and atmosphere. The Think & Drink reception is always a highlight for Eileen and I; not because the event is almost done :) or because at the end of a long day we want to drink beer (well….), it’s just freakin’ awesome to connect with everyone. The mingling and networking that takes place throughout the day is great but the Think & Drink is when ideas and collaborations really seem to really flow.

I hope to see you there! Well, you have to buy a conference pass to get in. So do that first, THEN I’ll see you there.

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Giveaway! The Accidental Creative

October 17th, 2011

Warning – this is a *shameless promotional stunt – but I think you’ll really like it. Leave a comment on this blog post and you’ll be entered into a draw for a complimentary copy of Todd Henry’s new book The Accidental Creative.

But it’s not that easy. Your comment must include a tip, or a suggestion, about how to keep yourself awake and alert while staying up late to work on a project. You know… tips like, “I smack my forehead with a ruler every 9-minutes” or “I do push-ups but lick the carpet every third one”… or maybe something less violent or disgusting. Whatever you do to burn the midnight oil we want to hear about it :)

This book is ideal for a wide range of people. Seriously. That being said, creative professionals and artists alike will benefit that much more. Being creative on-demand is no simple task, Todd Henry makes creative work easier and that’s a huge relief. It’s a very well-written book. His insights and action steps are like a guiding force, or should I say a “secret weapon”, for those of us who have to be inspired and productive. It’s an extremely thorough book and in my mind is like a business how-to book, meets textbook, meets self-help book, and it has bible-like qualities when it comes to how we work and live within the creative process. This book is a must-have. – Corwin Hiebert, Reviewed on

Read Todd’s guest post “Heart Check” on

More About Todd: Todd Henry is the founder of Accidental Creative , a consultancy that helps creative people and teams generate brilliant ideas. He regularly speaks and consults with companies, both large and small, about how to develop practices and systems that lead to everyday brilliance. He’s the man behind a brand new teamwork tool: Idea Traction; and Todd’s first book, The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice is getting killer reviews – it will be available in stores July 2011. He currently resides in Cincinnati, OH with his wife Rachel and their three children.

Posted by Corwin Hiebert

*Cuz’ hey, when you’re trying to promote a conference WITHOUT posters or flyers or printing of any kind you’ve gotta do whatchya gotta do. So what’s your red-eye’d tip?

Just Call Him Bruce

October 13th, 2011

Bruce Haden has been added to the keynote roster!

Bruce’s architectural and urban design work has been recognized globally (because he’s a big deal), particularly for the Governor General’s and World Architecture Festival winning design of the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre in Osoyoos (because it’s awesome). He has extensive experience in institutional, social services, residential, retail and First Nations projects (we’re okay with a little bragging) with work ranging widely from wastewater treatment plants (yuk) to cafes (yum).

FYI – Next week we’ll start talkin’ up our exhibitors so stay tuned! And if you dig the fact that we’re promoting the conference without the use of posters or printing of any kind… please help us spread the word by emailing your friends and co-workers (or “like” and “tweet” us) – thanks!

- Corwin Hiebert

Concert by Jasper Sloan Yip

October 13th, 2011

Image by

CREATIVEMIX is proud to announce Jasper Sloan Yip as a special musical guest at this year’s conference. He takes the MIX Lounge stage at 12:30pm – it’s a free concert BTW!

Dig his music? Then cast your vote before 5pm tomorrow! Visit The Peak Performance Project voting site!

Straight Shooters

October 8th, 2011

I don’t know how to put this… but… they’re kind of a big deal.

Everyone in Vancouver knows that Thursday is when the Georgia Straight comes out. It’s a staple in coffee shops and offices, it’s the go-to rag for left-leaning rants, arts reviews, who’s hot, and the goods on music, events, and other local on-goings. The cover of the latest issue features chef David Robertson (Dirty Apron Cooking School) and it suddenly struck me… in the last few months three CREATIVEMIX alumnists (keynote speakers from either our 2009 or 2010 conferences) have be on the cover of The Straight! Steven Cox (Cause+Affect) and Dan Mangan (New Album – Oh Fortune) make up the rest of this cover boy trio.

I think that’s pretty damn cool.

I don’t really have a point here. I simply wanted to mention that our keynote speakers, both past and present, are top-dogs in Vancouver and we’re very proud, and honoured to have such a great roster of local talent who are willing to share their insights on creativity and collaboration. Each year our speaking team delivers the goods and I’m really excited about this upcoming conference! I hope you are too!

Hey – I wonder which of our 2011 speakers will end-up on an upcoming cover of The Straight?

Posted by Corwin Hiebert

Call for Volunteers

October 6th, 2011

Image by Jeremy Lim.

Interested in volunteering at this year’s CREATIVEMIX? If you’d like to join our event team simply complete the online volunteer sign-up form:

There is a LOT going on at this event and we need a crew of volunteers that are ready to be busy but also have a great time. We believe that volunteering should be fun! As a “thank-you” we will provide you with a complimentary conference pass so that you can enjoy the event too! And don’t worry, we’ll provide you with yummy food and refreshments.

Our volunteer roles are broken out into 4-hour shifts, most of which are from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm; we’re happy to do what we can to work with your schedule. Volunteer positions will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis.

Thanks again for considering being involved in!

- Eileen Rothe – Producer

Keynote Speakers Announced

October 4th, 2011

CREATIVEMIX is proud to present its 2011 speaker roster. This year’s invited speakers are an amazing blend of successful and talented creative professionals who can deliver the goods. They’re an accomplished bunch and we’re confident that you’ll be inspired and challenged by these Vancouver-based artists, leaders, and entrepreneurs:

  • Hiro Kanagawa (TV/Film/Theatre)
    His IMDB page is longer than… well, it’s really long! X-Files! Smallville! And don’t even get us started on his stage work.
  • TJ Galda (Digital Arts)
    His work at Electronic Arts doesn’t even begin to convey his skills and passions; he’s got his fingers in a whole bunch of pies.
  • Ian Grais (Marketing and Advertising)
    Ranked the number one art director and the number one co-creative director in the country for the past decade. Geesh.
  • Graeme Berglund (Art and Design)
    Talented, renowned, and the dude that we all know and love from The Cheaper Show. He’s infected with collaboration-itus.
  • Mara Gottler (Costume Design and Fashion)
    The consummate pro. Designed “The Tempest” with Robert Lepage. Has her own clothing line. Coolio!
  • Dave Delnea (Commercial Photography)
    One creative SOB! An advertising photographer and creative collaboration advocate who lands the coolest gigs.
  • Ben Kadel (Social Psychology)
    Our secret weapon. He helps creatives do important work (AKA find their sweet spot) and avoid being misunderstood or a martyr.
  • Animal (Muppet and Musician)
    Just kidding, we’ll announce the eighth presenter shortly.

These keynote speakers will share their thoughts on creativity and collaboration. They’ll provide tangible insights into how you can grow your creative potential. This is not a show-n-tell event, they’ve been charged with the mandate of helping you in your effort to be creative and productive within the context of community.

This one-day conference is a professional development event that focuses exclusively on creativity, collaboration, and community. It’s industry agnostic and it’s the most exciting conference in Vancouver for emerging and established professionals, artists, and small businesses that embrace the task of doing creative work.

Conference Update

We’ll be announcing a few more things over the next few weeks (eighth keynote presentation, live music line-up, featured exhibitors, and more). Online registration is available and due to the fact that we’re expecting a sell-out you’ll want to purchase your tickets sooner than later (seriously).

Get with the Program

September 14th, 2011

The venue for this year’s conference is…. drum roll please… the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre! Bet you didn’t see that coming! :) CREATIVEMIX and the Roundhouse are a perfect fit and we’re thrilled to have the continued support of the Roundhouse and The City of Vancouver.

Our partnership with the Roundhouse is featured on Page 19 of their current program guide – if you didn’t get one in the mail you can check it out online.

Roundhouse Fall 2011 Program Guide



September 12th, 2011

Image by Jeremy Lim.

We’re preparing for the third annual CREATIVEMIX and I can say that, without a doubt, November 3rd will be the best conference yet!

I really can’t believe we’re in our third year – that’s a big deal as far as I’m concerned. It speaks to the passion we have in this beautiful city for idea-making and idea-sharing. It’s an amazing thing to see artists and creative workers pursue professional development outside of their craft and industry. The idea that creativity and collaboration bring us together, and that we can learn from each other, is a very special thing.

With the Call for Submissions going public today it very much feels like the official kick-off but this Fall’s event has been in the works for months and our team is starting to get really excited!

First off, for those that are eager to hear about our speaker line-up… our eight keynote presenters will be announced later this month. Why the wait you ask? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: we only invite one speaker per industry and it’s a very collaborative process; oh, and we’re very picky – and we don’t rush it. We’re close to finalizing our roster so sit tight. If you’ve attended before you know that I’m not blowing smoke – we deliver, or should I say, our speakers deliver. Moving on.

Secondly, I want to highlight a very important change to CREATIVEMIX – it’s one that you probably won’t notice but it’s made a huge difference to those of us involved. The team behind the conference is the same but with one very special difference – the event is now proudly produced through the innovative and dynamic theatre company Boca del Lupo. Eileen Rothe and I are still the producers but we now work even more closely with Jay Dodge, Sherry J. Yoon, Carey Dodge, and Kenji Maeda. We’re honoured to have such a deep connection to such an amazing group of talented, passionate, and hardworking people.

Thirdly, we’re taking another big step in the effort to make this a very eco-friendly event. As you may already know – we don’t use name badges or have schwag bags, printed tickets, or have a program guide or use single-serving/plastic anything. We serve local, organic food (and beverages) and we don’t make event apparel or put our logo on stuff. And for this year’s conference – we’re not even making posters. No printing. None at all. Our promotional campaign will be 100% digital. We’ve got some groovy stuff in the works which you’ll see in a couple weeks or so. So, if you dig this – then be a pal, and share CREATIVEMIX with your social networks and you’ll be helping to say “NO” to event-crap.

Be creative!

- Corwin Hiebert

Save the Date

June 12th, 2011

Image by Jeremy Lim.

Hello. You’ve reached THE CREATIVEMIX HOTLINE, to learn about this year’s conference please press #1.

Oh man! We’re so freakin’ excited! November 3, 2011 is the day that creativity and collaboration collide in Vancouver in the name of helping creative people gain the inspiration and insights they need to thrive as artists and services providers. This is a cross-industry, non-profit-meets-business-sector mash-up that is unparalleled in Vancouver. It’s a professional development day and a creative showcase like no other.

Back for its third year, CREATIVEMIX will be held at the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre in Yaletown and it’s going to be bigger-n-better than ever! The team behind the conference is the same but with one very special difference – the event is now proudly produced through the innovative and dynamic theatre company Boca del Lupo.

There’s a TON of info to come, including the Open Call for Submissions to have your creative project or business featured in the CREATIVE EXHIBITION and the speaker roster of course! Be sure to follow the updates on the blog, on Twitter, or Facebook.

And because it’s fun… I did want to mention something that made us smile: Anoop Aulakh (Co-Founder of, Advisor at SIFE Simon Fraser, and a cool social entrepreneur guy) had this to say about his time at CREATIVEMIX:

“CREATIVEMIX provides a new way of looking at what a conference can be. From the speakers to the delegates, CREATIVEMIX brings together people from different spaces who are clearly passionate about what they do. Looking forward to seeing what next year brings!”


Posted by Corwin Hiebert

Promote the Proccess

April 19th, 2011

Eileen Rothe getting the back story from Drew Young

We took in the IDEA Grad Show last night and all I can say is WOW! Each and every time we connect with that crazy group from the North Shore I’m inspired and amazed; they’re likeminded folks for sure.

The depth of creativity that IDEA graduates bring to the table is exceptional and the diversity amoung the group is really something special. What stood out to us this year was how eloquent the new grads were. They spoke about their lives, their work, and most importantly their process and they left us with a deeper impression of who they are and what they offer the market far more than any promotional effort could ever pull off.

That’s where the rubber hits the road as far as I’m concerned: talk about the process I always say (well, I’m saying it now anyway).

When artists and creatives want to market themselves they often make the fatal error of either 1. hiding in a closet (believing their work will speak for itself) or 2. they talk about the end result and how awesome it is (a noisy and desperate plea). The “true” artist and the shameless self-promoter are not all that effective at trying to elicit curiosity in their work or generate demand for their creative skills. Both of those approaches fail to create genuine interest.

In a market full of other talented souls the battle to garner attention is hard. From my perspective, what is, in fact, interesting about creative work, is the process. HOW they arrived at the final result is what makes me pay attention.

“Story” is always a good way to approach a marketing effort but I’ve been increasingly intrigued by raw guts of the creative process and I’m attracted to creatives who can expose themselves and their methods (or chaos) in order to share their creative spirit.

Take Drew Young for example. Sean Carter (Hangar 18 Creative Group) pointed him out to us and so we buzzed over to his display. Within seconds he was telling us about how he went about creating a collaborative illustration project that wasn’t even featured on his wall! Brilliant!

My advice? Be like Drew.

If you don’t know much about the IDEA program then here’s a snapshot: IDEA is a career-based three-year advanced diploma program offering instruction in both communication design and applied illustration. This dual curriculum sets IDEA apart from other post-secondary design programs and gives graduates a lifelong edge in the job market. In this demanding, full-time cohort program, students gain a strong theoretical foundation and learn how to develop and apply concepts, manage complex projects and meet current industry expectations, both creatively and technologically. To find out more about the IDEA program and its graduates visit

So, a shout out to the IDEA grads for all their hard work – we wish you continued success; to the faculty… you’re doing important work, thank you for your leadership – the quality of the Grad Show is a reflection of your dedication to excellence and community.

Speaking of process, if you’re working on a creative project or entrepreneurial endeavour and you need help taking it to the next level… you’ll want to check out the Connect, Learn, Grow workshop series by Emotus Operandi. It’s happening Saturday, April 30th on Granville Island and you can register here.

Posted by: Corwin Hiebert

Register for April 30th Workshops

April 8th, 2011

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback! The program has been set and Emotus Operandi has opened registration for the April 30th workshop event Connect, Learn, Grow! You can register on their Evenbrite registration page.

It’s happening at The Hub meeting space (on Granville Island – above Sammy J. Pepper’s) and it’s going to be a great day of connecting and learning together. The sessions are specifically designed to help you, and your creative project, grow and thrive. Each workshop is 75-minutes and they’re only $20 each (discounts apply to 3+ workshops). Here’s the what’s on the program:

1. Action + Planning. To get something done, you need a plan. But sometimes the plan becomes the biggest obstacle to actually getting things done? This session provides tools for balancing big picture vision with concrete, on- the-ground action to make real progress towards important goals. Learn how to create an action plan to keep you motivated and performing.

2. Karma, Love and Money. Freelancers often have trouble putting a price on what they do. This workshop blends concrete tools (setting an hourly rate, price ceilings and floors) with some high-level concepts (value, calling, balance) and provides an opportunity to do a little math while having some deep conversations with peers.

3. Good Enough Business Plan. Everyone says you need a business plan – but what do you really need? This workshop focuses on the value AND the limitations of business plans. We’ll help you figure out how to plan, without getting stuck in the planning.

4. Action Ninja. It’s one thing to have a great idea, and quite another to make it happen. This session provides you with tools and techniques that help you break big ideas down into manageable action items and then unleash your inner Ninja to overcome barriers and actually get things done.

I’ll be there. I hope to see you too!

- Corwin Hiebert

Connect, Learn, Grow

March 23rd, 2011

Ben Kadel (Emotus Operandi). Image by Jeremy Lim.

Out of the shadows we come! It’s been a few months since the November conference and though we’re not quite ready to announce the details regarding the 2011 conference we are able to pass along a GREAT opportunity for you to check-out.

CREATIVEMIX is proud to sponsor Connect, Learn, Grow - an inspiring and invaluable day of action oriented workshops hosted by Emotus Operandi.

We are sponsoring this event, in part, because you asked for it! After all the praise and love and gush-gush from last year’s conference died down we were able to gather some precious feedback regarding the needs of local creatives. What we heard was: you want more ideas on how to move a creative project forward (personal or business), you want to build collaborations and put some concrete tools in place so your project(s) can thrive. So we’re doing just that.

This interactive day of workshops will be on April 30th and we think you’ll want to be there. The day is all about you and your project, but to make this work we need to hear from you! What will make the day most useful for you? Please take a moment to fill in this quick, informal survey by clicking the “Choose Your Own Adventure” button below. This survey will give you a chance to help create the workshop program and make darn sure the day delivers the goods for YOU. Check it out!

Raves & Reviews

November 18th, 2010

A Post-it Note from the giant sticky comment wall at CREATIVEMIX 2010

The reviews are in. Here’s what people had to say about their experience at CREATIVEMIX 2010:

“CREATIVEMIX is a great place to network, get inspired and tap into the creative community in Vancouver. We had a blast and are already looking forward to next year.” – Christa LeCraw, VanArts

“Creative inspiration! It’s mishmash of fresh ideas and perspectives, good ol’ fashioned creative fun.” - Kim McMullen, Flipside Creative

“It was a well planned event that had good energy within a casual atmosphere. There were lots of people interested in what was actually happening and what people had to say rather than just passing out cards to try to make their own thing happen; people seemed to understand that sometimes it’s nice to make something new together.” – Steve Wright, Sound and Music Workshops

“Very inspirational! A great way to meet a diverse collection of people from a variety of backgrounds with common interests and inspirations. Definitely a good place to be. We need more of them – how about two or three a year?” – Sushant Sound, MetroLeap Media

“I found CREATIVEMIX a fresh approach for people who do creative work. By bringing in people of different artistic/creative disciplines it’s a great way to hear about and learn about how others work. Stimulating!” - John McLachlan

“Very interactive and the presentations give people a new perspective on ways to view and interpret new and different ideas. The speakers do a fantastic job of putting the audience in their shoes and describing how they use their creativity to achieve success in specific industries. Makes you think. Inspiring. Enough said.” – Kira Campbell

“CREATIVEMIX is innovative and unique in the way we’re encouraged to share and collaborate with other creatives and bring everybody to the same level. There is no “I’m at the top of my class and I am speaking down to you, because I know it all”. The environment is very open and driven towards personal as well as community success. I came away inspired, excited, ready to create and collaborate!” – Sharon Barnes

Ah, gee. Thanks everyone! Stay tuned for 2011 details! -Corwin & Eileen

More Post-Event Buzz

November 9th, 2010

VanArts blogs about their experience in the CREATIVEEX:

Blog post from the peeps behind “The Tree of [Un]common Knowledge”:

Post Event Buzz

November 8th, 2010

The 2010 conference was a huge success! Want to see what all the buzz was about? Take a look:


CREATIVEMIX 2010 – Event Day from CREATIVEMIX on Vimeo.

Flickr Set (by Jeremy Lim):

VanArts CREATIVEEX Display – Stop Motion Clip:

Stop-Motion Jam @ Creative Mix 2010 from VanArts on Vimeo.

Mighty Ugly CREATIVEEX Display – Time lapse:

Sharon Barnes Blog Post:

Leah Gregg Blog Post: